Adventure Golf

Play your way around two 18 hole courses full of obstacles and challenges, and explore locations seen in The Angry Birds Movie 2 such as the Pigs’ yellow submarine, and even the sub-zero climate of Eagle Island!

Bird Island

In the middle of the sea lies Bird Island, the home of a happy bird community. For a long time, this remote island has remained in isolation, but that hasn’t bothered the residents. The flourishing island has diverse nature ranging from savage jungle to the friendly bustle of the cozy village built by the birds.


Pigtropolis is low-slung and low-tech, but impressive in its own intricacy - as if fairly unintelligent pigs built ancient Rome! The pigs are hard-working builders, but the lack of supervision and know-how often creates physics-defying structures all around the city. A huge boulder hanging on top of the house is an unmistakable sign of high social status in the Piggy society.